Commercial Kitchens & Bathrooms

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services EdisonExpress Cleaning of NJ, LLC Contact us today for more information on our kitchen and bathroom cleaning services.

If you need commercial kitchen cleaning or just need thorough scouring for your kitchen, our company can offer you guaranteed and excellent service. We offer full range of services for commercial kitchen cleaning that can guarantee your kitchen to be in tip-top shape once we’re done. We make sure that the following areas and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned:

  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Appliance Cleaning
  • Clean Vents
  • Freezers and Coolers
  • Outside of Hoods
  • Pressure Wash and Scrub Floors
  • Walls and Ceilings


Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Services Edison NJWe know that almost 50% of cases in food poisoning are caused by poor washing of hand and contamination in the kitchen. We can offer you this specialized service to make sure your kitchen is clean and follows sanitary standards. We even offer you cleaning supplies and chemicals whenever necessary.

We will deliver consistent protection all throughout the kitchen in order to protect your kitchen and thereby your employees. This allows us to capture and get rid of all dirt as well as moisture before it contaminates your floor. We also offer maintenance systems such as chemical dispensers to keep your kitchen spic-and-span clean thus eliminating the need for chemical storage in large amounts.

Apart from that, we also offer a regular schedule for deep cleaning service so that your daily cleaning becomes easier and more convenient. We utilize chemically treated high-pressure washer to remove accumulated dirt that brushes and regular rags cannot remove.

We promote safety in the kitchen not only in management and maintenance but also in its operation. We provide basic knowledge and background on kitchen safety so your employees and your kitchen would be equally protected.

So, if you need commercial kitchen cleaning service that goes beyond just cleaning. You should start to consider contacting us today and find out what we can offer to the best of our ability, knowledge and experience.

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